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how to become a children's clothing distributor?

Children clothes sector is the most speedy growing clothing types in most countries.

To get the distributorship of a child clothing company from Turkey, you should be prepared for the most 2 importan point in business:

1.how many pieces could you sell on in one year?

2.will you give quaranty for the products you buy from the manufacturer to be sold?

Meanwhile to be a distributor of a child clothing manufacturers from Turkey, will be the easy way to start baby or child clothing business.

There are many manufacturer companies in istanbul Turkey, who wants to find a distributor in different countries, european countries,  african countries, gulf countries,  i mean from all ower the world.

Of course you should be urgent to be the first company who demands the to be distributor of the manufacturer company.

we supply many clothing manufacturers in Turkey, so we have good relations with them.

Please do not hesitate contact me To be a distributore of the company you want 
at whatsapp:+90-541-3112121 (Mr.Yusuf)


how to open a children's clothes shop

child apparel manufacturers suppliers shop in  istanbul-Turkey

Design of a child clothing selling shop must be desinged according to the child philosophy.There some small but important points make the buying comfortable.


Baby hats from

Baby suits:


Baby suits 6 parts: usd


Baby clothes:  usd



Code BEL01

Quantity : 300 pcs
PRICE: 4.00 usd/pcs






For detailed information and wholesale price list, please fill the contact form.

*Name & surname:  








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EC GRUP is  in this building.

(From Istanbul ATATURK international airport  10 minutes by car app.)

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how to become a children's clothing distributor

how to be a wholesale clothing distributor

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