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Please give information what kind of products you want, we will send detailed information by email.

To get the best prices from the men's suit manufacturers in Turkey,
please contact us at  whatsapp:+90-541-3112121   (Mr.Yusuf)
Men's suit manufacturers

Night dresses, Evening dreses

Children clothes



women jeans
Total quantity:34.000 piece
Sizes:32-46 european sizes

women jeans 2.9 usd/piece
Total quantity:34.000 piece
Sizes:32-46 european sizes
Jeans are in istanbul-Turkey. Made in Turkey
Please be urgent to come and get the total products.






ZARA Women tshirts-  in istanbul

Man tshirts 1.15 usd in istanbul


Women body, man polo tshirt 1.15USD


Children clothes 1.15 usd in istanbul


Tshirts- 1.5 usd


Women night wear and sports wear
Wholesale totaly 50000 sets
each set:
set:blouse and pant
250 models
400 colors

For the whole models please please send email to info@wholesaleclothesturkey.com

HURRY! only 2.5usd
Women blouse
Quantity: 17 thousand pieces


Sizes (S,M,L)


CELL PHONE: +90 541 311 21 21 (works in viber/what's up)
skype: wholesaleclothes

Do you need:

Knit Hooded Sweater, Jacquard-knit Sweater, Textured-knit Sweater, Striped Sweter, Fine-knit Sweater, Fine-knit Sweater, Purl-knit Sweater, Premium Cotton Sweater, Chimney-collar Sweater,Pullovers Sweater, Knit Turtleneck Sweater, Hooded Sweater, Sweatshirt Cardigan, Sleeveless Pullovers, Hoodies

Flawless clothes,
first quality sweater and cardigans pullovers


Who we are?
We are wholesale company for many excellent manufacturing textile products: Shirts, pants, jackets, jeans, skirts, blouses, socks, t-shirts, coats, women's clothing, men's clothing, children’s clothes and babies.

We deal directly with the largest manufacturing companies from all over Turkey and closely Istanbul. We are located in the European side of Istanbul and we could ship the products to all over the world.
Our goal is to bring to you the customer the best products. Brand name product at very reasonable/affordable prices.
We deal with a high quality and huge quantity always keeping in mind the consumers needs. Our clothing catalog includes many stylish and colorful brand names
Maternity clothes, shops, stores, made in,  fashion brands, islamic clothing shops, suppliers, plus size wear.



wholesale man sweaters
 from 7 usd/piece

Please click for models ,
colors and quantities



These clothes are some of our export clothes,
 so every week we got new models


wholesale woman dresses wholesale women tops
code: yak-01                          code:yak-02

wholesale women tightwholesale women coats

code:yak-03                                               code:yak-04

Please contact us
for the wholesale  women clothes prices.


wholesale man trousers

manclothes code: zago-01


wholesale man clothes

manclothes code. zag-02


Please contact us
for the wholesale  man clothes prices.



For other please click


Man jeans wholesale price:  4 usd
Totaly 600 pieces- 4 different color
For other please click


Wholesale T-shirts

Polo-man t-shirts: 3usd
Many colors, mixed sizes, S,M,L,XL
Code: MTP12

for more wholesale man polo tshirts please click


Man polo t-shirt: 5 usd
Code: MTP20

For more wholesale man polo tshirts please click


Man t-shirts: 4 usd
Many colors, mixed sizes, S,M,L,XL
Total quantity: 1500 pcs
Code: MT10

For more wholesale man tshirts please click


Man suits

man suit price:30 usd

wholesale man suits

For more wholesale  man suits please cick


Baby hats from 2usd-6usd

Baby suits:4usd

For more wholesale baby clothes please click

Wholesale Men shirts: 5,50 usd/piece
wholesale man shirts

For more mens hirst pleace click


Women Clothes

Pants Quantity: 1500 pcs
Sizes: 36,38,40,42,44
Big sizes:40,42,44,46,48,50,52
PRICE: 5.00 usd/pcs

Code WP02

wholesale ladies


Woman Shirts Cotton

SIZE: 48.50.52


PRICE: 4.50 usd/pcs

code: WSH01


Women rambo runner athlete:3usd


Women Skirts

Code: WSK01



PRICE: 5.00 usd/pcs

wholesale women skirts

For more woman cothes please click here


Code BEL01 - Child dress
Quantity : 300 pcs
PRICE: 4.00 usd/pcs



Child denims:
code: M1001
400 pcs
Price: 3.50 usd

For more  child denim  please click


Men Shirts

Quantity: 6000 pcs

Size: S.S.M.L.XL.XXL

Code: MSH04



QUANTITY:5250 pcs

Code: MSH16


Men waterproof coat


For more wholesale Men Clothes please click here


Man Shirts:

Man shirt: 4 usd each
From the manufacturer of man shirts in istanbul Turkey, you could buy stock lot  men shirt at 4 usd.
There are about 50 different colors.
sizes:  one lot sizes(s m l xl )
L-2 pcs
XL-1 pcs
fabric: 65% cotton, 35%polyester
Long sleeve
Good quality
please check the attached pictures:
Tota amount is: 16000 pcs

For big picture1  please click       For big Picture2 please click




Boy and Girl socks:


Boy and Girl  socks:
Years of children: 1-3-5-7-9-12 years girl and boy socks,
Different colors and models some of them are below,

1-3-5 years old children socks are 2.60 usd / dozen (12 pairs)  - fob-istanbul-Turkey price
7-9-12 years old children socks are 2.80 usd / dozen (12 pairs) - fob-istanbul-Turkey price
Minimum order 1000 dozen,

For bigger picture please click                                              For bigger picture please click                                     For bigger  picture please click





For detailed information and wholesale price list, please fill the contact form.

*Name & surname:  







Orucreis mah. Giyimkent sit. Vadi cad. No:108/586
Esenler - Istanbul - TURKEY

(From ATATURK international airport 10 minutes by car.)

 Tel: +90-212-503 66 00
whatsapp: +90-541-311 21 21

SKYPE: wholesaleclothes

Email:  info@wholesaleclothesturkey.com


ÝEC GRUP is  in this building.

(From Istanbul ATATURK international airport  10 minutes by car app.)

GOOGLE MAP CODE: 41.06913,28.871781


getting clothes made in turkey
 to wear in turkey in june  to wear in turkey in november  were coach purses made in turkey
tailleur femme made in turkey   pyjama femme made in turkey manteau femme made in turkey
sous femme turkey  sous vetement femme turkey  veste femme turkey  etiquettes vetements  etiquettes vetements à coudre   fabricant etiquettes vetements à coudre   vetements turques pour femmes voilées
marques de vetements turques  Ladies Tops
Printed Combing
printed Tunic
Export Linen Women's Dresses
Ladies Cardigan
Vitrine Women's Tunic
Stylish Ladies Tops
Button Ladies Blouse
Kapþunl Blouse
export Fashion bebe Tops
Zippered front-Shirts
Pockets Belt Leather Jacket
Internal Peluþl Suede Jacket
organic Pregnancy bed clothing
Submersible Fabric Button Dress
arched Monte
Eggplant Button Cuff Pants
Bearded Leather Tops
shabby clothes
Leather Pocket Tunic
Collar party Ladies Dress
Funnel Neck Tunic
Collar Printed Tunic website
Washing winter Woman Dress
Elegant Button Cuff Pants
tradational Cuff zipper pants
Printed Old esoft financing
Deer Patterned Tights
islamic Ladies Tights (Part Leather)
Deer Patterned Tights
Part Leather Leggings
Cuff zipper pants
Part Leather Leggings
Pockets Belt Leather Jacket
Kapþunl Inflatable Vest
fur Vest
leopard Vest
plush Vest
Wool Vest yelekkapito to
fur Coats
One Side Slit Dress
Hooded Long Dress
Fox Fur Lined Vest
Pregnant Female Bottoms
Maternity Ladies Tights (Part Leather)
micro tights

istanbul shopping fest 2015    الملابس بالجملة في تركيا   organic baby

We could send our textile apparel to the those contries below:

Afghanistan ,Albania, Bahamas, Algeria, Madagascar
Madagascar Madagascar Luxembourg Mozambique Mexico Nicaragua Oman Palestinian State*Finland Egypt Ecuador El Salvador Estonia Eritrea Honduras Equatorial Guinea Ghana Grenada Germany England Haiti Iceland Brunei, Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Dominica,
Burkina, Faso Burma, Benin, Cuba Costa Rica, Comoros, Burundi, Bhutan, Belgium, Bangladesh, Belize, Belarus,Bahrain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bolivia, Central African, Republic Chile, Cape Verde, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, ,Ethiopia, Georgia Great Britain, Hungary,Panama Portugal Poland Slovakia Serbia South Africa Somalia Slovenia The Philippines Spain Turkmenistan Tunisia Uganda United Kingdom Uzbekistan Uruguay Tajikistan South Sudan Togo Tanzania Sweden Sri Lanka Sudan United Arab Emirates Trinidad & Tobago Ukraine Syria Yemen Zambia Venezuela Zaire Zimbabwe. Greece France Guinea Guatemala India Kosovo Libya Lithuania Kazakhstan Jordan Israel Lesotho Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein Lebanon Kuwait Korea, South Kenya Korea, North Iraq Latvia Liberia Iran Jamaica Italy Ireland Indonesia Laos Malta The Netherlands Mauritania Maldives Macedonia Norway New Zealand Niger Northern Ireland Montenegro
Micronesia Monaco Mongolia Morocco Nigeria Andorra, Angola, Antigua, Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Canada Austria, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Botswana,Namibia Moldova Malaysia Malawi Nepal Mauritius Marshall Islands Pakistan Qatar Romania Russia  Saudi Arabia Senegal Papua New Guinea

vetements turques pour femmes voilées   شلوار جین عمده فروشی   how to become a children's clothing distributor
 how to be a wholesale clothing distributor

عمده فروشی کت و شلوار ترک    کودکان عمده فروشی لباس   عمده فروشی لباس زنان

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